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andminimakesthree asked:

How did you manage nursing school and a kid?

I have 3 girls and it was tough!! I went from being a stay at home soccer mom to a full time student! Luckily my girls were 4 and up! So while they were at school so was I! Then I studied at night! There was a big shock in our family! The first semester back was the hardest because my husband who is active duty navy was working 14-16 hour days will literally 1 day off a month! So a lot of laundry piled up. Lots of frozen meals. But everything slowly went back to semi normal. He honestly, after the first year, helped me with the kids activities. I studied a lot on the weekends on campus.

and--i-felt-love-again asked:

I hope you don't mind me asking, but did you ever go through a phase of wondering if nursing was right for you? I graduated in June and take NCLEX next week.. and I have never felt more lost. I truly feel like I know nothing :(

I questioned myself all the time!! I annoyed my family always thinking I failed or I would fail!! I never ever did!! I doubted myself way too much! It was one of the hardest things I ever did! I’m so glad I stuck with it. I love my job and know I am in the right place! Keep at it! Take a break. Take some time for yourself! Imagine your life in stages! Passing NCLEX! Getting your first RN job offer! Going to orientation and seeing your new name badge with RN beside your name! Imagine hearing you are my favorite nurse or being introduced as “my favorite nurse!” Great things don’t come easy. You graduated. Congrats! Good luck on your boards! Keep me updated!

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